VEDP Staff Directory

Executive Office
Martin Briley President & CEO 804-545-5612
Kim Ellett Sr Executive Assistant 804-545-5610
Dan Gundersen Chief Operating Officer 804-545-5616
Jay Langston PhD Senior Advisor 804-545-5792
Sandi McNinch General Counsel 804-545-5617
Crystal Vincent Executive Assistant 804-545-5615
Kara Hart Assistant General Counsel 804-545-5614
Alexander Thorup Manager of Legislation and Policy 804-545-5613
Business Attraction
Mike Lehmkuhler Vice President 804-545-5722
Suzanne Chvala Executive Assistant 804-545-5700
Christine Bell Marketing Assistant 804-545-5720
Business Attraction . Domestic
Keith Boswell Managing Director, Federal Strategies 804-545-5732
Mario Camardella Manager 804-545-5747
Pandy Brazeau Manager 804-545-5760
Warren Hammer Manager 804-545-5724
Michelle Poe Manager 804-545-5739
Atul Sharma Manager 703-506-4725
Robin Bass Associate Project Manager 804-545-5729
Business Attraction . International
Ken Hurst Managing Director, Asia 804-545-5762
Ryland Potter Managing Director, Europe & UK 804-545-5756
Ajay Sujanani Managing Director, International Investment 804-545-5757
Business Attraction . International Offices
Andreas Dressler Director, State of Virginia, Europe +49 (0)30 - 2556 5009
Andrew Harfoot Director, State of Virginia, UK/Ireland 01732 375411
Kavan Bhandary Director, State of Virginia, India +91 9819811500
Owen Qin Director, State of Virginia, China +49(0)30 - 2556 5008
Yutaka (Tommy) Okutomi Director, State of Virginia, Japan 011-81-3-5404-3424
Business Expansion
Liz Povar Vice President 804-545-5702
Lauren Stuhldreher Executive Assistant 804-545-5706
Brent Sheffler Managing Director, Corporate Accounts Unit 804-545-5742
Tracy Tynan Manager 804-545-5749
Joe Gillespie Manager (276) 730-4709
Jackie Hudson Manager 804-545-5719
Phil Sheridan Manager 804-545-5744
Matt McLaren Manager 804-545-5736
Kelly Evko Manager 804-545-5735
Tim Stuller Managing Director, Regional Action Unit 804-545-5733
Meredith Randall Senior Marketing Analyst 804-545-5704
Frank Strickler Project Manager, Virginia Jobs Investment Program 804-545-5717
Doug Parsons Project Manager, Virginia Jobs Investment Program 804-317-7516
Debbie Melvin Project Manager, Virginia Jobs Investment Program 804-921-0002
Tre Akins Project Manager, Virginia Jobs Investment Program 804-545-5713
Lea Lofty Project Manager, Virginia Jobs Investment Program 276-608-6167
Toi Wilson Project Manager, Virginia Jobs Investment Program 757-334-1258
International Trade
Paul Grossman Vice President 804-545-5752
Carolyn Elliott Assistant to the VP of Intl Trade 804-545-5750
Lindsey Bertozzi Global Reasearch Manager 804-545-5767
Arturo Gallardo-Browning VALET Program Manager 804-545-5755
Lauren Gibson VALET Program Research Manager 804-545-5758
Sosy Bouroujian International Marketing Specialist 804-545-5765
Mary Maier International Events Manager 804-545-5766
John Elink-Schuurman International Trade Manager 703-506-1031
Theodora von Hohenstaufen Noll Defense Initiative Manager 804-545-5764
Anne Phillips International Marketing Specialist 804-545-5759
International Trade . Regions
Michael Howley Northern Virginia 703-506-1030
Ellen Meinhart Northern Virginia 703-506-1032
Roger Porter South Central Virginia 540-387-2562
Joel Stopha Northwest Virginia 540-490-1566
Diane Thomas Southwest Virginia 276-623-1536
Jordan Watkins Eastern Virginia 757-314-2129
Rob McClintock Vice President, Research 804-545-5772
Lynn Bowles Office Manager 804-545-5770
Research . Project Research
Katherine Goodwin Senior Project Research Manager 804-545-5794
Aileen Martz Project Research Manager 804-545-5797
John Loftus Sites and Buildings Manager 804-545-5786
Angela Oakes Project Research Specialist 804-545-5779
Andrew Salisbury Project Research Specialist 804-545-5775
Michelle Mende Sr. Project Research Assistant 804-545-5785
Research . Economic & Market Analysis
Brian Kroll Senior Economist 804-545-5777
Joann Draughn Economist 804-545-5774
Donna Stevens Economic Research Specialist 804-545-5787
Sam Earl Economic Research Analyst (804) 545-5793
Research . GIS
Mary Davis Chief Cartographer 804-545-5686
Sunny Sanders Sr. GIS Specialist 804-545-5688
Chris Brown GIS Technician 804-545-5685
Allison Smith Cartographic Technician 804-545-5689
Communications & Promotions
Vince Barnett Vice President 804-545-5815
Mary Kay Land Office Manager 804-545-5800
Kevin Miller Marketing Manager 804-545-5816
Scott Kennedy Marketing Manager 804-545-5754
Suzanne Clark Communications Manager 804-545-5806
Blair Garka Marketing Coordinator 804-545-5807
Chuck Rogers Marketing Manager 804-545-5808
Jessica Estep Outreach Specialist 804-673-8200
Will Rollins Outreach Specialist 804-673-8200
Jessi Guay Outreach Specialist 804-673-8206
Information Technology
John Mehfoud Director 804-545-5662
Judith Carter-Glover Office Manager 804-545-5660
Information Technology . Network Services
Stuart Beyer Sr Network Administrator 804-545-5678
Chris Hughes Sr PC Support Technician 804-545-5692
Stephanie Florie PC Support Technician 804-545-5697
Information Technology . Application Development
Mike Sloss Lead Developer 804-545-5665
Jeff Tang Senior Programmer/Analyst 804-545-5669
Christine Chaoul Programmer/Analyst 804-545-5667
Troy Durrer Senior Programmer Analyst 804-545-5668
Janice  Geipel Business Systems Analyst 804-545-5674
Fiscal & Support Services
Jack Nelson Controller 804-545-5642
Bob Grenell Senior Accounting Manager 804-545-5646
Sheila Alvis Purchasing Manager 804-545-5643
Mark Seiverd Senior Accountant 804-545-5644
Bob Brandt Facilities/Fleet Coordinator 804-545-5645
April Roberts Accounting Assistant 804-545-5647
Human Resources
Melissa Cox Sr Human Resources Manager 804-545-5632
Suzanne Wood Human Resources Generalist 804-545-5634
Carolyn Jewell Human Resources Assistant 804-545-5630
Lauriston Davis Receptionist 804-545-5600


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